Music theory and solfeggio Background Picture


Understanding music theory means knowing the language of music.

Every single song you hear, beside being written with a feeling and heart, is based on certain rules which include scales, chords, chords progressions and intervals that follow certain patterns.

During the lessons you'll learn to understand these patterns and analyse the music you hear and see. With this knowledge you'll be able to write your own songs, know which chords fit together and why. Understanding music is way more powerful and useful than remembering it by heart.


Solfeggio, on the other hand - sometimes called sight-singing - is the ability to read and sing music at sight. It is yet another powerful tool for every person who wishes to work with music.

The ability to hear intervals, hear scales and sing them will improve your intonation, train your ear to hear the music better, will allow you to harmonize melodies on a spot and make you aware of music on different levels.

In the lessons, you'll work with scale singing, solmization, rhythm, intervals and sight-reading/ singing.

Conservatoire auditions

Both music theory and solfeggio are necessary and crucial for anyone wishing to study at higher music education. These lesson will prepare you for any exam you'll need to pass in order to get there.