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All our offline singing, voice and music theory classes we offer in our studio in Amsterdam are also available online. To make sure our online lessons are on par with our offline lessons we use Zoom and Marco Polo.

Do you have a good internet connection? Then you're ready for a online voice lesson with us. We use Zoom to teach you online. Zoom is unique in letting us change it's settings to make sure it sends through the sound unfiltered and unmodified. This will prevent your voice being modified on our side and vise verca.


Don't have the time to schedule a lesson regularly but still want feedback? With Marco Polo that is super easy! Marco Polo's core feature is video chat in 'walkie talkie' mode.

This way you can record yourself singing/practising. We will watch your video when we are available and give you some feedback.

We have been testing this new way of teaching in the first two months of 2020 and our students love it! We do too! That's why we now offer this service to all students training with us!

Zoom & Marco Polo

Never heard of Zoom or Marco Polo? Don't worry, below are two introduction video's. Still have questions? Drop us a message and we'll get in touch with you.


Yes! provided you have a good internet connection!

Zoom is unique in letting us send and receive the sound unfiltered. In most video chat apps the software recognizes background noise which it then tries to make quieter. Singing is often recognized as background noise and thus dampened. Zoom has a checkbox to make sure this doesn't happen!

Zoom also lets us share our screen with our students. Which is great for sharing pictures, videos and voice programs. It makes for a very dynamic lesson.

A laptop / desktop / tablet or phone + a good internet connection. External microphones aren't required.

Yes! You can sign up online for a trial lesson. A trial lesson is 30 minutens and costs € 20,-.