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Rehearsal Studio Amsterdam

Don't have a space to practice for your voice lessons at home? You can now book our studio to practice!

Do you want to rent this studio to rehearse with groups or teach? Please contact us to ask for the appropriate rates and conditions.

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House rules

1. This studio is only for rent if you're a student of Zangstudio Roel Bakkum.

2. You can cancel a booking upto 24 hours in advance.

3. You are not allowed to use this studio for, but not limited to: teaching, group activities (more than 3 people), record videos or take photos for public use, or gain any commercial advantage whatsoever.

5. You only get access to the main hall and kitchen of the studio. If you want to use microphones etc, you can select that as an add on.

Buitenkant Zangstudio Roel Bakkum