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Good presentation skills are indispensable in the corporate world. By improving your voice use, you can improve your presentation skills considerably.

In our courses, we focus on dynamic voice use, rhythm, pitch, voice quality and projection. Improve your sales, speeches and be heard in meetings by improving your voice!


In the past decades, much has been discoverd about how the voice works. Scientific research has reshaped the world of voice training. This newly aquired information is yet to be universaly known. Espescialy in the business world there is a lot that can be gained from efficient voice use.

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Estill Voice Trainig is a popular method that is used worldwide by many singing teacher and vocal coaches. Many conservatoires and other music training programms are using this powerful method as well as many speech languag therapists.

Voice is mascular, Estill identifies those muscles. That way Estill will give you very precise and detailed practise. By combining practise and a basic understanding of how the voice works, Estill will give you the power to take control over your voice.


If you use your voice to give presentations, voice training can help you getting more dynamic voice use and better projection of your voice.

After getting a basic training and improving your dynamics and projection it's time to start using those new skills to perfect your presentations. How do you choose when to speak loud, quiet, fast, slow, high or low? Your story will tell you. By understanding how your presentation is build up you can choose how to use your voice use.


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Our team has extensive and international experience in voice training. We are specialised in vocal techinque, we will help you to improve your voice.



Technique is the start for getting your voice under control. It enables you to aquire awareness, and ultimately to adapt your voice to every situation.

Professional voice use needs to be able to addapt to many different situations: meetings, presentations, phone calls, sales pitches etc. Within all there situations you may need to change your voice use, in order to get the best possible result.


Have you ever had a problem to project your voice to the back of the room? Being able to project your voice well, is important when presenting. Just talking louder won't always get you what you want. Working on a combination of volume, diction and dynamics will get you a better result. Technical exercises will give you a base to develop better skills in diction, volume management and dynamics.