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Voice Training at Zangstudio Roel Bakkum

Voice training at Zangstudio Roel Bakkum in Amsterdam is ideal for anyone who wants more control over their voice, without specifically focusing on singing. Whether you want to improve your diction, combat fatigue, or make your voice more dynamic, our voice training is designed to enhance your awareness and control of your voice.

Voice training is an investment in yourself. The amount of time you need to invest for improvement depends on your personal goals and starting point. Our team is ready to support you and elevate your voice to the next level.

In addition to voice technique, we also offer specialized speech therapy. These sessions are always with Anne van Zandbergen, our in-house speech therapist. Do you have specific speech therapy concerns? Then schedule a session with Anne!

for whom?

For whom?


If you often speak in public, or at corporate events for both small and large audiences, your voice is essential. Projection, breathing, diction, stability, and vocal health are key aspects when it comes to voice usage for speakers.

Voice training ensures awareness and control in these areas. It is a crucial part to tell your story in a dynamic and connecting way. It gives you confidence in your voice and thereby confidence on the stage.


Business Professionals

Whether you're an emerging talent or an experienced executive, if you feel that you can get more out of your voice, then voice training is for you! Your voice can exude calmness, confidence, and expertise, and also forms an indispensable addition to presentation courses.

This is useful in everyday situations where you use your voice, such as in meetings, on the phone, but also when presenting new ideas or during a job interview.

Voice training helps you become aware of your voice usage, your pronunciation, and dynamics. Do you speak too fast, or too slow? These are aspects you can adjust so that your voice and thus your message are better conveyed. Scroll here for more information about the content of our voice training.

Actors & Voice-overs


For every voice-over artist and actor, your voice is indispensable. You use your voice extensively, often in dynamics more extreme than regular speaking. That's why it's crucial to train your voice in a way similar to that of a singer.

You need to be able to rely on your voice, but also control it as you wish. Do you need to shout in a scene, or speak very softly? Do you need to sound sad or angry? Each emotion has its own timbre, which you can adjust using the parts of your body responsible for making sound.

We use the Estill Voice Training model for this. You can read more about it here.

Voice-overs & Podcasters

Are you a podcaster or voice-over encountering issues? We can help you gain control over your voice.


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Voice Training

Voice Technique

Voice technique enhances control over the key components that shape your voice, including the vocal folds, jaw, breathing, and larynx. Training these elements bring you awareness, confidence, and control of your vocal abilities.

For voice training, we use Estill Voice Training, a model that offers insights into the functions of your voice.

Projection & Dynamics

Technique forms the basis for projection and dynamics. Good voice projection, being audible in every situation, is very important. Projection isn’t just about volume, that's why we often address projection, dynamic voice use and diction together.

When working on dynamic voice usage, we aim to prevent your voice from sounding monotonous. Do you always speak at the same volume, pitch, and speed? Then there's a high chance your voice use is perceived as monotonous or even boring. Fortunately, this can be improved through voice techniques. In the training on projection and dynamics, we teach you how to use these techniques to adapt your voice to every situation.

Accent Reduction

Do you have an accent and feel it hinders you in achieving your goals? Then taking accent reduction lessons is an excellent choice. By training your muscle control in the tongue, lips, and jaw, you can reduce or even completely eliminate your accent.


Improving diction is often overlooked, yet it is of crucial importance. Many think that clear speech requires large movements of the lips, jaw, and tongue. However, the opposite is true: good diction requires subtle movements and minimal adjustment of the lip, jaw, and tongue positions.

Good diction not only improves intelligibility but also strengthens your projection, allows dynamic voice use and contributes to vocal stamina. It ensures that every word is placed and spoken with precision, which is essential in situations where every detail counts, such as in theater, public speeches, or in audiobooks & podcasts.

Vocal Health

How do you deal with hoarseness, coldsor illness? And how do you keep your voice in mint condition? This are frequently asked questions, often too late. Therefore, it's important to maintain your voice well. Two aspects are important here: voice training and vocal health.

When it comes to vocal health, we think about whether to steam or not? Whether to use Lax Vox (bubbling) or not? But also about voice massages, such as facial releases or cupping.

There are times when it's important to go to the doctor, for example in cases of reflux, nodules, polyps, or other vocal disorders. Have you already visited a doctor and an ENT specialist and been advised to work with a speech therapist? Then make an appointment with our speech therapist Anne van Zandbergen.

Do you often have problems with your voice? Do you feel that your voice is not functioning optimally? Then make an appointment with Anne van Zandbergen to assess your voice and discuss next steps.



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Estill Voice Training

Estill Voice Training


Understanding Your Voice

Estill Voice Training is a model of function, outlining the function of each body part involved in voice production. We believe it to be the most transparent model available, clearly describing both the workings of the voice and effective training methods.

This unique model identifies the structures that produce the voice, as well as the structures in and around the throat (vocal tract) that further shape and modify the sound. This leads to a consciously chosen, reliable, and predictable control over voice production.

Developed by Jo Estill, a singer and scientist, Estill Voice Training divides voice training into two levels. Level one covers exercises for voice control, while level two deals with timbre and voice qualities.

Exercises for Voice Control

In Level One, the voice is divided into 13 trainable components of the body that are responsible for producing sound. This level also offers insights into breath control and delves into the training and effective monitoring of muscle control.

The 13 components are: The vocal folds, the moment of breath to sound, the false vocal folds, larynx, thyroid cartilage, the AES (also known as 'the twanger'), cricoid cartilage, the larynx, the tongue, the soft palate, the jaw, the lips, and your head, neck & torso stabilization.


In the second level, you apply the skills trained in the first level to give your voice 'color', often described as voice qualities, timbres, or vocal characters. By applying the training from level one, you can create one of the six voice qualities proposed by Estill: Speech, Sob, Falsetto, Twang, Belt, and Opera.

These six voice qualities offer each singer an accessible way to become familiar with the idea that you can color your voice as desired. Fortunately, it's not limited to these six voice qualities; you have the freedom to make your voice sound the way you want.

Ultimately, good control of your voice, and understanding how a vocal color is produced, allows you to develop your own sound.

Coaches Who Work with Estill Voice Training

Docent zangtechniek, vocal coach & stemtraining bij Zangstudio Roel Bakkum

Roel Bakkum - Estill Figure Proficiency

Roel on Estill Voice Training

"Estill Voice Training is undoubtedly the best out there in terms of information and transformation. It not only teaches you how your voice works but also how to use your voice in ways you have never done before."

Docent zang & stemtraining Anne van Zandbergen

Anne van Zandbergen - Estill Figure Proficiency

Anne on Estill Voice Training

"As a vocal coach and speech therapist, I find Estill Voice Training to be a model that provides each student with an insight into their vocal use unlike any other technique I have worked with."